Tom Rose retirement

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Tom Rose retirement

Tom Rose, Parts Manager for Utility Sales & Service, elected to retire on September 29th after 20 years of service.

Tom Rose grew up on a farm in Menomonee Falls. In 1970, Tom started as a trainee mechanic assembler for Pete Dalum’s Utility Co, formerly (DUECO). While there, Tom attended the Price Engineering hydraulic and pneumatic school. In 1971, Tom left to join the Seaman Co of Milwaukee, which built construction equipment and Sky-Lift aerial bucket trucks. Tom worked as production welding lead man and parts & shipping supervisor. In 1976, Tom accepted the position of parts manager overseeing their nationwide network of construction equipment distributors. Tom was a member of the Construction Industry Management Association (CIMA). During this time, Tom graduated from one of the many Dale Carnegie courses.

In July of 1978, Tom rejoined DUECO as parts manager overseeing the daily operations of warehousing and customer service. In 1990, Tom under the direction of the sales manager, developed a separate outside parts dept utilizing telemarketing that did over two million dollars annually in parts sales. Tom also served as a board member on the Simon Telelect parts council, mentoring other distributors on ways to up-sell service parts and accessories.

In March of 1997, Tom and his family moved to Appleton and Tom became USSI’s parts dept manager. Tom and his team have done an exceptional job providing parts support to our production and service departments and to our many customers and have significantly grown our parts business over his tenure.

Tom and his wife, Jane, have a strong interest in agriculture, snowmobiling, drag and dirt track racing, boating, fishing and look forward to spending time with their grandchildren.


Please join us in congratulating and wishing Tom and Jane a very long, happy & healthy retirement.


Bill Loehrke - President

Ted Breidenbach - CEO/Owner