First day of Summer.

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First day of Summer.

Summer brings its own challenges, even though most of us enjoy being outside. It is the high heat and Humidity that we need to watch out for. If you work outside for a job or just working outside around the house. These tips could help you if something does ever happen. We train our employees every year on these items being we work in the elements. However, we feel that safety is always at the top of our list. One can never know to much about safety. So, we want to give you a few tips on being safe this summer.

Tip 1. The risks

                Some of the risks associated with the heat are; heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke.  Water is always needed when working out in the heat, you can never drink to much water when you are outside. A person will sweat about 3 to 4 liters per hour or as much as 10 liters per day if not more depending on the heat. If you look at that into gallons, 10 liters is equals to a little over 2 gallons of water per day. So, now you know why water is so important.

Heat cramps

                This is usually the first sign of a heat illness. The next stage is heat exhaustion which can quickly leads to a stroke. The symptoms of heat cramps are painful muscle cramps and spasms. This is usually starts in the legs and the abdomen which is followed by very heavy sweating. The actions you need to take are applying firm pressure on any cramping muscles or gently message to relieve spasms. Get or give sips of water to the individual, if you or the person complains of nausea stop giving water. If cramping lasts more than an hour seek immediate attention.

Heat exhaustion

                The symptoms of heat exhaustion are; heavy sweating, weakness or tiredness, cool and pale, clammy skin, weak pulse, muscle cramps, dizziness, nausea or vomiting, headaches, or fainting. When you are working outside you should always be working with someone. They call this the buddy system, this way you both watch each other. If you notice your partner or yourself having any of these symptoms, these are the actions you need to take. Move to a cool environment, an air-conditioned room is preferred. Loosen their clothing letting air flow allowing them to cool down. Apply cool wet cloths to their face and neck area or if you are at home lay them in a cool bath water. Give them sips of water, don’t allow them to drink. If vomiting occurs more than once or symptoms worsen seek immediate medial attention.

Heat Stroke

                This is the worst out of all three, if you feel or see any of these symptoms. immediately get to a cool air-conditioned area and seek immediate medical assistance, or call 911. If you have a throbbing headache, confusion, nausea or dizziness, body temperature is 103 or higher, if you are hot, dry, with damp skin, have rapid and strong pulse, or if you see someone fainted or lose consciousness. You will need to act fast; any delay can be fatal. Placing a cool cloth or putting them in cool water until the medical team arrives. Whatever you do, DO NOT GIVE FLUIDS. When the medical team arrives, if they say it is ok then you can.